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Introducing our E-ISSUE solution.


More and more carriers are now moving to E-Issue of policies in order to reduce expenses, improve turnaround times and enhance customer experience.  As a result, we are excited to announce that we will launch our E-Issue solution in February 2017.


What Is It

Electronic copies (PDF) of the full policy and delivery requirements are emailed directly to the agent by our office where they may view, download and print out the documents for delivery to the client.


How Does It Work

Once a policy has received final approval and is issued by the insurance carrier, we download a copy of the full policy from the carrier as soon as the documents become available.  We then provide an email to the agent, which includes an electronic copy (PDF) of the full policy and the delivery requirements needed to place the policy inforce.  This includes detailed instructions to help ensure all necessary delivery requirements are completed in good order.


What Are the Benefits of E-Issue

  • Fast — Policies can be issued and delivered electronically much faster than USPS mailed documents.  It can save up to 1-2 weeks from printing, assembling to mailing.

  • Convenience — Documents are available to agent as soon as they are made available by the carrier.

  • Simplify — Help eliminate the worry of losing or misplacing important information. 

  • Complete and Organized — We send and streamline all documents necessary to place the case in good order along with providing a digital copy of the full policy.

  • Print Capability — If a paper or duplicate copy is ever needed, simply print it directly.


E-Issue is currently available with the following insurance carriers:


  • American General

  • Banner

  • Lincoln

  • Protective

  • Prudential

E-Issue At-A-Glance

  1. Policy Issued by Insurance Carrier.

  2. Delivery email is immediately sent to agent by Rushing Financial Group once policy is made available, which includes an electronic copy (PDF) of full policy and delivery requirements with detailed instructions.

  3. Agent delivers policy to client in typical fashion.

  4. Agent and Client complete necessary delivery requirements.

  5. Client pays initial premium:

    • By check (made payable to carrier and mailed to RFG)

    • EFT Authorization (initial or initial + ongoing premium)

  6. Delivery requirements received and policy placed inforce

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